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Our MYOB short courses and our Accounting Internship could kick start your bookkeeping/accounting career today!

MYOB courses are also great if you just need to brush up on techniques to make your life easier.

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I learned MYOB a lot better with Business2BASIX. This work experience programme is totally different from Uni. I also enjoy the multicultural atmosphere here.

K. Soon Lee
Graduate in Accounting

I am confident enough to go for interviews now as i have learned and achieved the skills an accountant should have. I also find this course very cheap and more convenient for students like me. This gives us a lot more practical knowledge than the university studies and prepares us for the real industry work.

A. Shrestha
Accounting graduate from Sydney

The real data and course materials along with the personal guidance makes Business2BASIX students stand out. We have a far better idea about BAS preparation and GST.

B. S. Timsina
Masters in Accounting from Sydney

"It was the work experience I gained from business2basix that kick started my career in Accounting. The skills and knowledge you will be learning there are highly valued by Australian employers.
After 3 months of training I was successfully employed by a Chartered Accountants Accounting Firm in Adelaide. Thanks to Karen's mentoring and support, I was transformed from a fresh uni graduate to an experienced accountant.
business2BASIX has a wide range of opportunities in areas such as BAS, Payroll, Cash Flow & Budgeting as well as Financial Reporting. It also has a diversed client base, a friendly work environment and a culture that encourages you to learn. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to work with qualified accountants and develop your communication skills and confidence.
It is a great place, and I loved it"

Jennifer Chen

"My name is Joey Kim. I came from south Korea.
I studied the Master of Accounting in UniSA. As an overeas student, it was hard to get work experience in the accounting field.
This course gave me the opportunity to practice what I had learnt and uni and furthered my understanding of accounting concepts.
I received a good reference which I used to get my current job as Assistant Accountant at Codan Ltd.
I highly recommend overseas accounting students to join this course for their work experience"

Joey Kim

"I am a Chinese student who in 2007 graduated from Flinders Uni SA with a degree in accounting.
In July 2009 I began work experience at business2basix. They gave me work experience processing accounts payable, receivable and BAS Preparation. This experience gave me the opportunity to apply for paid work.
I believe the work experience at b2b was invaluable. I would say without it on my resume I would not have my current paid job"

Emily Sun

"I undertook work experience/training at business2basix to further my prospects to enter the workplace. Eventhough I had a uni degree in Accounting I had no "hands-on" experience working in an Australian based business.
At b2b I did MYOB training and built work experience in payables & receivables including reconciliations, bank reconciliations, general ledger transactions, production of end of month reports.
Once I obtained a competent standard with their training and assistance I gained work at an accounting firm in Adelaide - I am so happy! Thank you Karen"

Jingling Jiang